Kim Tillman has been writing her Grammy acceptance speech since she was a little girl. Now that she’s moved to LA to focus on her music career, she’s closer to achieving that dream than ever. She’s currently recording songs for an upcoming American Girl film and working with Pixar animators on her next music video. Stay tuned till the end for an exclusive live recording of Kim’s last show at Actual Cafe! Highlights include:

  • which Disney song is shockingly subversive,
  • how she stays positive in the face of racism,
  • and why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the money you deserve.
  • Plus, a surprising compliment from a leather daddy outside a laundromat!

TW: brief discussion of rape culture
Download here ($2). Read transcript here (free).

This is not a new episode, but the download link was broken in the older version of this post, so I am re-posting with a new link. <3


never forget | #blackwallstreet had 600 businesses, 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, 2 movie theaters, 6 private airplanes, 1 hospital, 1 bank and it’s own transportation/school system. #blackpower #blackeconomics #amerika #blackexcellence

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Hi y’all.

So, last Thursday, my really close friend Lee & his partner Nathanael lost their home to a fire. Nobody was hurt, but the fire has devastated them psychologically and destroyed everything, leaving them with only a literal handful of mementos left from a lifetime of fighting to have a home (and a truck).

Lee & Nathanael are both trans, queer, mentally ill, and now homeless. One of them had been on medical leave before the fire and was preparing to return to work. Much of what I’ve been doing for the past week has involved emergency visits to help take care of things emotionally, squeezing in times for quick reassurances and talks between shifts, and just generally doing what I can do to keep them going forward.  They’re strong people.

And they need help. Between finding a home, mounting medical and survival costs, replacing everything, and just generally to hold themselves together, they need as much help as they can.

I’m going to probably queue this up to repost a few times over the weekend, please if you feel comfortable supporting them at all, or reblogging to signal boost, I implore you to do so. They have community support here, but they’re still a long ways off from even coming close to where they were before, and need any support and care that can be spared.

If you wish to donate any specific materials rather than financial contributions, please contact me, at some point we’re trying to get a list up for specific items lost, but without a consistent place to keep them (my living room has been acting as a miniature storage unit for a few days) the bigger issue for them is just simply affording recovery.

Thank you.

These people are an important part of my close knit queer family and they need our help. Thank you to everybody who’s been passing along the info and the link and providing whatever help you can offer. It’s meant a lot to us. 

Signal Boost! xox